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    Hi everyone , i just sign up cause i have a massive problem with gambling and i lost all of my money again , is anyone with a good advice or quit gambling ? If yes tell me how you did it or you try to

    • I just signed up I’m scared I’ve never had something take over my thinking something that I had no control over but gambling has done that. I just sold my car yesterday for $600 because I need to buy a Jeep and I went straight to a bar and I gambled all of it away I feel like the worst person in the world right now how could I do that

      • jupe replied 5 months ago

        We should not to worry about the money we´ve lost. Instead of we should think how much everything valuable we can get with the money we don´t play anymore and be happy about that. 🙂 At least I am going to calculate my average gambling loss per day. And from now on invest that much more better. Cheer up fellows. Thanks for the peer support.

        • I’m glad you are seeking help. The way to really begin recovery is to share your thoughts and listen to other’s stories of recovery, and you are doing that! Come here often through the process. It is a whole process. Take care!

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