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    Hi all. I’m not typically a sharer but I have been advised to attend any & all meetings to overcome my addictions. I would continue on this destructive path if it were not for words spoken to me by a psychic. My sob story goes back a few years with finally ending an unhappy marriage. My ex had a problem & I was always the responsible one, making sure bills were paid & children were looked after. No expendable income also. As kids got older, things got worse in the marriage & I knew if I didn’t get out, I’d have no hope. simultaneously, one of the largest tribal casinos opened the next town over, 7 years ago. I started going when I needed an escape. Long story short, I have won some jackpots which only bumped up my tax liability, even though I have lost far more than I’ve one. I have also burned through my retirement. When I am at the casino, I would keep playing to win back my losses & if I did win it back, I would just lose it again, or come back another day to lose more. I am finally trying to get my life back on track after a difficult divorce and a son who no longer communicates with me. That has been the most difficult. I haven’t talked to him for 16 months. He married a crazy lady who has persuaded him to cut all communication with his family, including his brother (who happens to live with me). I have a 3 year old granddaughter who doesn’t even know who I am. I don’t think he even knows how extensive my problem is. (I also have a large student loan I took out so he could attend college. I never told him about it.) The psychic told me if I want him back in my life, I need to stop gambling. That i where I am today. I think I can do it if I just don’t go. All other attempts to go & keep to a budget, have failed. I am trying to make things right again, in my life. I have been avoiding my responsibilities due to depression, and an addiction to gambling. I now owe state & federal taxes & today set up a payment plan for state taxes. I previously canceled my health insurance because it was outrageously expensive & I am fairly healthy. This life journey can sure suck at times, but at least there’ a pandemic going on to help me not feel so bad about staying home. Thanks for reading, ya’ll. Good look on your journey.