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    May 15 Reflection for the Day

    Looking back at those last desperate days before I came to Gamblers Anonymous, I remember more than anything the feelings of loneliness and isolation. Even when I was surrounded by people, including my own family, the sense of “aloneness” was overwhelming. Even when I tried to act sociable and wore the mask of cheerfulness, I usually felt a terrible anger at not belonging

    Will I ever forget the misery of being “alone in a crowd”?

    Today I Pray
    I thank God for the greatest single joy that has come to me outside of my abstinence from gambling – the feeling that I am no longer alone. May I not assume that loneliness will vanish overnight. May I know that there will be a lonely time during recovery, especially since I must pull away from my former gambling buddies. I pray that I may find new friends who are recovering. I thank God for the Gamblers Anonymous Fellowship.

    Today I Will Remember
    I am not alone.