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    MAY 13 Reflection for the Day

    When a person wakes up each morning and rises, with nerves screaming and sick at heart, to face frightening reality; when a person stumbles through the day in a pit of despair, wishing to die, but refusing to die; when a person gets up the next day and does it all over again – well, that takes guts. That takes a kind of real, basic survival courage, a courage that can be put to good use if that person ever finds his or her way to Gamblers Anonymous. That person has learned courage the hard way, and when that person comes to the GA Program, he or she will find new and beautiful ways to use it.

    Have I the courage to keep trying, one day at a time?

    Today I Pray
    May I put the “guts-to-survive” kind of courage left over from my gambling days into good use in the Program. If I was able to “hang on” enough to live through the miseries of my addiction, may I translate that same will to survive into my recovery program. May I use my courage in new, constructive ways.

    Today I Will Remember
    God preserved me to help carry out His purpose.