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    MAY 7 Reflection for the Day
    If I believe that it’s hopeless to expect any improvement in my life, I’m doubting the power of God. If I believe I have reason for despair, I’m confessing personal failure, for I do have the power to change myself; nothing can prevent it but my own unwillingness. I can learn in the Gamblers Anonymous Program to avail myself of the immense, inexhaustible power of God – if I’m willing to be continually aware of God’s nearness.

    Do I still imagine that my satisfaction with life depends on what someone else will do?

    Today I Pray
    May I give over my life to the will of God, not to the whims and insensitivities of others. When I counted solely on what other people did and thought and felt for my own happiness, I became nothing more than a cheap mirror reflecting others’ lives. May I remain close to God in all things. I value myself because God values me. May I be dependent only upon my Higher Power.

    Today I Will Remember
    Stay close to God.