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    MARCH 25 Reflection for the Day

    If a compulsive gambler wants to live successfully in society, he or she must replace the power of gambling over his/her life with the power of something else – preferably positive, at least neutral, but not negative. That is why we say to the agnostic newcomer: if you can’t believe in God, find a positive power that is as great as the power of your addiction, and give it the power and dependence you gave to your addiction. In Gamblers Anonymous, the agnostic is left free to find his or her Higher Power, and can use the principals of the Program and the therapy of the meetings to aid in rebuilding his/her life.

    Will I go out of my way to work with newcomers?

    Today I Pray
    May the Power of the Gamblers Anonymous Program work its miracles equally for those who believe in a personal God or in a Universal spirit or in the strength of the group itself, or for those who define their Higher Power in their own terms, religious or not. If newcomers are disturbed by the religiosity of the Program, may I welcome them on their own spiritual terms. May I recognize that we are all spiritual beings.

    Today I Will Remember
    To each his own spirituality.

    MARCH 26 Reflection for the Day

    I know today that getting active means trying to live the Steps of the Gamblers Anonymous Program to the best of my ability. It means striving for some degree of honesty, first with myself, then with others. It means activity directed inward, to enable me to see myself and my relationship with my Higher Power more clearly. As I get active, outside and inside myself, so shall I grow in the Program.

    Do I let others do all the work at meetings? do I carry my share?

    Today I Pray
    May I realize that “letting go and letting God” does not mean that I do not have to put any effort into the Program. It is up to me to work the Twelve Steps, to learn what may be an entirely new thing with me – honesty. May I differentiate between activity for activity’s sake – busy-work to keep me from thinking – and the thoughtful activity that helps me to grow.

    Today I Will Remember
    “Letting God” means letting God show us how.