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    March 22 Reflection for the Day
    Once in a great while, I find myself thinking perhaps things weren’t quite so bad as they seemed to be. At such moments, I force myself to realize that my illness is talking to me, trying to tempt me into denying that I am, in fact, afflicted with an illness. One of the key action steps of the Gamblers Anonymous Programme is that we give our illness to God, as we understand Him, accepting our powerlessness in the face of His greater Power.

    Do I believe that the grace of God can do for me what I could never do for myself?

    Today I Pray
    May I know that much of our lives depends on faith. For we cannot know the limits of space and time – or explain the mysteries of life and death. But when we see God working through us – and through others who have found new life in the GA Programme – it is all the evidence we need to know that God exists.

    Today I will Remember
    The Big Wheel runs by faith.

    March 23 Reflection for the Day
    Gamblers Anonymous teaches us, through the experience, strength, and hope of the Fellowship, that the worst situation imaginable does not warrant a return to gambling. No matter how bad a particular situation or set of circumstances, the return to our old ways for even a minute will assuredly make it worse.

    Am I grateful for the caring and sharing of the program?

    Today I Pray
    May I insist that no stone can be heavy enough to drag me back down into the pool of my addiction. No burden, no disappointment, no blow to pride, or loss of human love is worth the price of returning to my old way of life. When I harbour thoughts that life is “too much” for me, that no one should be expected to “take so much and still remain sane” or that I am “the fall guy,” let me listen for the tone of my complaints and remember that I have heard that whine before – before I concluded that I was powerless over gambling and gave my will over to the will of God. such wailing sets me up for gambling again. May God keep my ears alert to the tone of my complaining.

    Today I will Remember.
    Hear my own complaints.