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    MARCH 3 Reflection for the Day
    I’ve begun to understand myself better since I’ve come to Gamblers Anonymous. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that opinions aren’t facts. Just because I feel that a thing is so doesn’t necessarily make it so. “Men are not worried by things,” wrote the Greek philosopher Epictetus, “but by their ideas about things. When we meet with difficulties, become anxious or troubled, let us not blame others, but rather ourselves. That is: our ideas about things.”

    Do I believe that I can never entirely lose what I have learned during my recovery?

    Today I Pray
    May I learn to sort out realities from my ideas about those realities. May I understand that situations, things – even people – take on the colors and dimensions of my attitudes about them.

    Today I Will Remember
    To sort the real from the unreal.

    MARCH 4 Reflection for the Day
    We may not know any specifics about the activities of today; we may not know whether we’ll be alone or with others. We may feel the day contains too much time – or not enough. We may be facing tasks we’re eager to complete, or tasks we’ve been resisting. Though the details of each person’s day differ, each day holds one similarity for us all; each of us has the opportunity to choose to think positive thoughts. The choice depends less on our outside activities than on our inner commitment.

    Can I accept that I alone have the power to control my attitude?

    Today I Pray
    May I keep the fire of inner commitment alive through this whole, glorious day, whether my activities are a succession of humdrum tasks or free-form and creative. May I choose to make this a good day for me, and for those around me.

    Today I Will Remember
    Keep the commitment.