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    FEBRUARY 14 Reflection for the Day

    Writing down the things I am grateful for helps me switch from a negative to a positive attitude. Today I will take the time to list the positive aspects of my new life and the blessings that accompany the miracles of my recovery. I am grateful for such seemingly simple things: the ability to fall asleep with contentment, to awaken with a gladness to be alive, to face life on life’s terms – with peace of mind and self-respect.

    Have I forgotten that all my needs are being met today? On a daily basis, do I count my blessings?

    Today I Pray
    On this day of love-giving, may I count all the good things in my life and give thanks for them. May I take no blessing for granted, including the beating of my own heart and the fresh feel of new air as I breathe.

    Today I Will Remember
    To count – and consider – my blessings.