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    February 10 Reflection of the Day

    IBM founder T. J. Watson said, “Success is on the far side of failure.” For most compulsive gamblers, nothing could be truer. Without failure upon failure, we would never be capable of seeing that losing the bet was not the cause of problems in our life; it was making the bet in the first place. Only after we reached or exceeded our painful threshold for failures were we able to recognize that, conversely, success does not mean winning; success means not making the wager. Then success becomes dependent upon the action – our choice not to gamble – rather than the reaction.

    Am I hopeful that, if my failings are behind me, success is surely ahead?

    Today I Pray
    May I understand that only through my failings have I been given a chance for success. May I know from the examples of others in the Program that former failings, once faced and rectified, can be a more solid foundation for a new life than any chance winnings.

    Today I will Remember.
    Failings can be footings for recovery.