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    FEBRUARY 7 Reflection for the Day

    Honesty is a word I had to be reacquainted with. Before coming to Gamblers Anonymous, I bounced lies and half-truths around so often in my head that I believed they were all true. Today I strive for rigorous honesty – with myself and with others. Above all, I must always remain honest with myself about where the credit for my recovery belongs – with my Higher Power and the Fellowship of GA.

    Have I accepted the fact that self-deception can only damage me, providing a clouded and unrealistic picture of the person I really am?

    Today I Pray
    May God allow me to push aside my curtain of fibs, alibis, rationalizations, justifications, distortions, and downright lies and let in the light on the real truths about myself. May I meet the person I really am and take comfort in the person I can become.

    Today I Will Remember
    Hello, Me. Meet the real Me.