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    JANUARY 6 Reflection for the Day

    Gamblers Anonymous, wrote Dr. Robert L. Custer in the foreword to the Gamblers Anonymous Blue Book, is a Program of the Twelve Steps “that provides a framework of hope, structure, and friendship” for those who have chosen the road to a “successful adaptation to a life without gambling.” He adds, “This road can be smooth or rocky, but, in any case, it is never a painless journey…” As a recovering compulsive gambler, I can face any discomforts today, knowing that the pain of recovery will never be as acute and desperate as the pain of my gambling days.

    Am I prepared to see each new day in the GA Program as a time for learning, growing, and making healthy choices?

    Today I Pray
    May I make prudent use of the power of choice that God has given me, to plan wisely, one day at a time, without becoming a slave to apprehension, regret, or anxiety. I pray that God’s will be done through the exercising of my own will, which He, in His goodness, has given me.

    Today I Will Remember
    God wills my will to be.