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    JANUARY 5 Reflection for the Day

    “Today is my lucky day.” How often in the past we said that, when it was an empty prophesy. Today, those words are real; I am being given a second chance. In my gambling days, I sacrificed every “today” for a dream of some distant tomorrow. Of all that I lost, I grieve most for all those “today’s.” – I cannot bring them back. But today – this day – I have. I will not sacrifice it or waste it.

    Do I truly believe that today is mine, that today I can choose to be happy, to grow, and to learn to live, instead of counting on some pie-in-the-sky day in the far-off future?

    Today I Pray
    I pray that the colors of this day may not be blurred by muted vagaries of the future or dulled by storm-gray remnants from the past. I pray that my Higher Power will help me choose my actions and concerns out of the wealth of busyness that each day offers.

    Today I Will Remember
    I will not lose for today, if I choose for today.