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    JANUARY 4 Reflection for the Day

    For a good part of my life, I saw things mostly in negative terms. Everything was serious, heavy, or just plain awful. Perhaps now I can truly change my attitude, searching out the winners in the Gamblers Anonymous Program who have learned how to live comfortably in the real world – without gambling.

    If things get rough today, can I take a quiet moment and say to myself, as the philosopher Homer once said, “Bear patiently, my heart – for you have suffered heavier things”?

    Today I Pray
    May the peace of God that passes all human understanding fill the place within me that once harbored my despair. May an appreciation for living – even for life’s trials – cancel out my old negative attitudes. During heart-heavy moments, help to remind me that my heart was once much heavier still.

    Today I Will Remember
    I am a winner – in the best sense of the word.