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    DECEMBER 27 Reflection for the Day

    Two words that I became very aware of even during my gambling days are words that I need to take into my recovery: stopping and starting. I must stop gambling and start recovering. I must start looking within, and stop blaming others. I must start tuning in to the will of my Higher Power and stop allowing myself to be guided by self-will. The more I start to see positive results from the Gamblers Anonymous Program, the more honestly I can look at the negative past actions that led me to misery and despair.

    Has recovery given me a mirror to see myself in others?

    Today I Pray
    May I remember that I could choose to stop my destructive gambling any time, but unless I have started the recovery process through the GA Program and the Twelve Steps, I cannot remain “stopped.” If I keep recovery started, I can keep my gambling stopped.

    Today I Will Remember
    The life-altering significance of those two words: stopping and starting.