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    DECEMBER 25 Reflection for the Day

    Today is a special day in more ways than one. It’s a day that God has made, and I’m alive in God’s world. I know that all things in my life this day are an expression of God’s love – the fact that I’m alive, that I’m recovering, and that I’m able to feel the way I feel at this very instant. For me, this will be a day of gratitude.

    Am I deeply grateful for the dawn of this special day, and for all my blessings?

    Today I Pray
    On this day of remembering God’s gift, may I understand that giving and receiving are the same. Each is part of each. If I give, I receive the happiness of giving. If I receive, I give someone else that same happiness of giving. I pray that I may give myself – my love and my strengths – generously. May I also receive graciously the love and strength of others’ selves. May God be our example.

    Today I Will Remember
    Giving and receiving are equal blessings.
    DECEMBER 26 Reflection for the Day

    None of us can really claim to understand our Higher Power to any extent. But this I do know: there is a power beyond my human will that can do wonderful, loving things for me that I can’t do for myself. I see this glorious power at work in my own being, and I see the miraculous results of this same power in the lives of thousands of other recovering compulsive gamblers who are my friends in the Gamblers Anonymous Program.

    Do I need the grace of God and the loving understanding any less now than when I began my recovery?

    Today I Pray
    May I never forget that my spiritual needs are as great today as they were when I came into Gamblers Anonymous. It is so easy to look at others, newer to the recovery process, and regard them as the needy ones. As I think of myself as increasingly independent, may I never overlook my dependence on my Higher Power.

    Today I Will Remember
    I will never outgrow my need for God.