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    December 3 Reflection for the Day

    Our ancient enemy, self-will, wears a mask confronting me with this sort of rationalization Why do I have to lean on God? Hasn’t He already given me the intelligence to think for myself? I have to pause when such thoughts creep into my mind, remembering that I’ve never really been able to bring about the results I wanted simply by relying on my own devices. I’m not self-sufficient, nor do I know all the answers; bitter experience alone teaches me that.

    Do I know that I need God’s guidance? Am I willing to accept it?

    Today I Pray
    I pray that, as I become stronger in my conviction and in my abstinence. I will not begin to shrug off my dependence on a Higher Power. May I continue to pray for guidance, even when things seem to be going smoothly. May I know that I need my Higher Power as much in times of triumph as in times of trauma.

    Today I Will Remember
    Self-sufficiency is a godless myth.