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    NOVEMBER 3 Reflection for the Day

    The Gamblers Anonymous Red Book says: “The word spiritual can be said to describe those characteristics of the human mind that represent the highest and finest qualities, such as kindness, generosity, honesty, and humility. Inasmuch as the Gamblers Anonymous Fellowship advocates consideration of these principles as a way of life, it is said that ours is a spiritual fellowship.” I have begun to understand that my spirituality has to do with my wholeness – the healthy congruency of truths, as I now perceive them, and my inner self.

    Do I continue to strive for qualities that will bring me the greatest long-term happiness?

    Today I Pray
    May I work toward taking into myself those “highest and finest qualities” that define my spiritual being. May I know the joys that come through living the GA way, until all life becomes a celebration shared especially with others who, like me, are trying to live up to these God-inspired principles.

    Today I Will Remember
    From spiritual holes to spiritually whole.