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    OCTOBER 31 Reflection for the Day

    The mystery of ego: painful when inflated and painful to deflate, often keeping me from wholeheartedly working the Gamblers Anonymous Program. Even armed with the truth, I too often fall back on the old, familiar ideas that led me to the edge of despair. It takes such work to shrink the ego, and sometimes it inflates without my knowing it. I always thought my gambling systems would work; they never did. I doubted GA would work; and it has – one day at a time.

    Am I willing, just for today, to release those old ideas and count on the GA way?

    Today I Pray
    May I know that a puffed-up ego is inappropriate for me as a recovering compulsive gambler. It hides my faults from me. It turns people off and gets in the way of my helping others. It halts my progress because it makes me think I’ve done enough self-searching and I’m “cured.” I pray to my Higher Power that I may be realistic enough to accept my success in the GA Program without giving in to pride.

    Today I Will Remember
    Pride can halt progress.