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    SEPTEMBER 28 Reflection for the Day

    Now that we’re free from our compulsion to gamble, and living life one day at a time, we can begin to stop making unreasonable demands upon those we love. We can show kindness where we had shown none; we can take the time and initiative to be thoughtful, considerate, and compassionate. Even with people we dislike, we can at least try to be courteous, at times literally going out of our way to understand and help them.

    Just for today, will I try to understand rather than be understood, being courteous and respectful to all people with whom I’m in contact?

    Today I Pray
    May I never forgot my old sponge-like self, who soaked up every drop of affection and attention my family or friends could give me, until they were sapped dry. May I learn to be a giver, rather than a constant taker. May I practice offering interest, kindness, consideration, and compassion until sensitivity to others becomes second nature to me.

    Today I Will Remember
    Giving is part of being.