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    AUGUST 8 Reflection for the Day

    As a recovering compulsive gambler, I have to remind myself that no amount of social acceptance of resentments will take the poison out of them. In a way, the problem of resentments is very much like the gambling problem. A poker game or casino is never safe for me. I’ve attended benefits for worthy causes, often in a convivial atmosphere that makes gambling seem almost harmless.

    Just as I politely but adamantly decline gambling under any conditions, will I also refuse to accept resentments?

    Today I Pray

    When anger, hurt, fear, or guilt – to be socially acceptable – put on their polite, party manners, dress up as resentments, and come in the side door, may I not hobnob with them. These emotions, disguised as they are, can be as full of trickery as gambling itself.

    Today I Will Remember

    Keep an eye on the side door.