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    Good Evening
    I will be away on vacation until August 7th so have posted August 4th 5th & 6th

    AUGUST 4 Reflection for the Day

    One of the best ways to get out of the self-pity trap is to do some “instant bookkeeping.” For every entry of misery on the debit side of our ledger, we can surely find a blessing to mark on the credit side: the health we enjoy, the illnesses we don’t have, the friends who love us and who allow us to love them, a clean twenty-four hours, a good day’s work. If we only try, we can easily list a whole string of credits that will far outweigh the debit entries that bring about self-pity.

    Is my emotional balance on the credit side today?

    Today I Pray

    May I learn to sort out my debits and credits, and add it all up. May I list my several blessings on the credit side. May my ledger show me, when all is totaled, a fat fund of good things to draw on.

    Today I Will Remember

    I have blessings in my savings.

    AUGUST 5 Reflection for the Day

    Among the important things we learn in Gamblers Anonymous is to be good to ourselves. For so many of us, though, this is a surprisingly difficult thing to do. Some of us relish our suffering so much that we balloon each happening to enormous proportions in the reliving and telling. Self-pitiers are drawn to martyrdom as if by a powerful magnet – until the joys of serenity and contentment come to them through the GA Program and Twelve Steps.

    Am I gradually learning to be myself?

    Today I Pray

    May I learn to forgive myself. I have asked – and received – forgiveness from God and from others, so why is it so hard to forgive myself? Why do I still magnify my suffering? Why do I go on licking my emotional wounds? May I follow God’s forgiving example, get on with the Program, and learn to be good to myself.

    Today I Will Remember

    Martyrdom; martyr dumb.

    AUGUST 6 Reflection for the Day

    Sometimes through bitter experience and painful lessons, we learn in our fellowship with others in Gamblers Anonymous that resentment is our number one enemy. It destroys more of us than anything else. From resentment stem all forms of spiritual disease, for we’ve been not only mentally and physically ill, but spiritually ill as well. As we recover and as our spiritual illness is remedied, we become well physically and mentally.

    Am I aware that few things are more bitter than to feel bitter? Do I see that my venom is more poisonous to me than to my victim?

    Today I Pray

    I ask for help in removing the pile of resentments I have collected. May I learn that resentments are play-actors, too; they may be fears – losing a job, a love, an opportunity; they may be hurts or guilty feelings. May I know that God is my healer. May I admit my need.

    Today I Will Remember

    Resentments are rubbish; haul them away.