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    March 10 Reflection for the Day

    “We must be true inside, true to ourselves, before we know a truth that is outside us… We make ourselves true inside by manifesting the truth as we see it,” wrote Thomas Merton in No Man Is an Island. Since much of my recovery is based on spiritual progress, it is essential that I start by creating within me a small area of absolute truth and love where God can become rooted. As I expand that area of truth and love, God will grow within me. When I came to Gamblers Anonymous, my spiritual life was at an all time low.

    At least for today, will I not allow my compulsions to come between me and my inner truth?

    Today I Pray
    May I recognize the difference between my feeling today of God within me and the emptiness that existed when I was gambling. Help me understand that only by continuously seeking and facing the truths about myself will my spiritual recovery progress.

    Today I will Remember
    Truth within lets God come in.