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    Good Afternoon Folks
    In an effort to get our community wall more active with sharing and posts I am going to start posting the Hazelden Thought for the Day each morning. And I encourage comments and feedback as these messages relate to your recovery. Will post the first one tomorrow morning. Also if you are struggling or want to share what your recover looks like please do so as you never know if what you share here will help another person.
    Ken L YBIR

    • Hi Ken, I’m brand new to this group. I finally did something about my gambling habits last night at 5 am and was given this site by a phone counselor. I’ve destroyed my life, lost my life saving, had my car recently repoe’d, owe almost everyone I know money. This is not me. I’ve always been so careful with money and had tons in the old days. Looking forward to getting my life back! Any help or support will be greatly appreciated. I’m just now looking at this website and am looking for a sponsor.

    • Yes I will need to charge my battery