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    JULY 25 Reflection for the Day

    The slogans used in Gamblers Anonymous are seemingly clear and simple. Yet they may still have different meanings for different people, according to their own experiences and reactions to the words and ideas. Take, for example, the slogan “Let Go and Let God.” For some people, it may suggest that all we have to do is sidestep the challenges that confront us and, somehow, God will do all the work. We must remember that God gives us free will, intelligence, and good senses – it is clearly His intention that we use these gifts. If I’m receptive, God will make His will known to me step by step, but I must carry it out.

    Do I sometimes act as if surrender to God’s will is a passport to inertia?

    Today I Pray

    May my “passport” be stamped and ready to take me forward. May my travels be motivated by challenges I can readily recognize as things to do, not things to watch. I pray that I may make the most of my gifts from God, of talents that I am aware of and some I have yet to discover. May I not “let go and give up” but keep on learning, growing, doing, serving, praying, carrying out the will of God as I understand it.

    Today I Will Remember

    God meant me to make the most of myself.