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    OCTOBER 17 Reflection for the Day

    All my life I searched for what would bring me happiness, traveling many roads, fast and slow. Most of the roads I chose were easier, softer ways, but the destinations were unsatisfying. I always turned back and chose another – again the easiest road to travel. I thought they were short cuts, but instead they swung wide of my goals. When I finally came to Gamblers Anonymous, it was the only road left for me.

    In spite of an occasional pot-hole or speed bump, am I convinced that I’m at last on the right road? Do I travel the GA way willingly?

    Today I Pray
    Today I wake up with a choice. Are my actions and thoughts taking me on that road to relapse, or am I talking and walking the road of recovery? May I ask my Higher Power for directions, because I am no longer the sole guide of my life. May I ask no other road-sign of progress than a smile I can honestly mean and a clear eye and a mind that can, at last, touch reality. May my own joy be my answer to my question, “Have I chosen the right road?”

    Today I Will Remember
    Miracles mark our progress. Who needs more?