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    OCTOBER 16 Reflection for the Day

    Someone once said that the mind’s direction is more important than its progress. If my direction is correct, then progress is sure to follow. We first come to Gamblers Anonymous to receive something for ourselves, but soon learn that we receive most bountifully when we give to others. If the direction of my mind is to give rather than to receive, then I’ll benefit beyond my greatest expectations. The more I give of myself and the more generously I open my heart and mind to others, the more growth and progress I’ll achieve.

    Am I learning not to measure my giving against my getting, accepting that the act of giving is its own reward?

    Today I Pray

    May I not lose sight of that Pillar of the Program: helping myself through helping others in our purpose of achieving comfortable abstinence from gambling. From the moment I take the First Step of Recovery, may I feel that marvel of giving and taking and giving back again. May I care deeply about others’ maintaining their freedom from gambling, and may I know that they care about me. It is a simple – and beautiful – exchange.

    Today I Will Remember

    Give and take and give back again.