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    Hi everyone!
    I want to hear how you all are doing?
    I have cut all my credit cards, and debit card, as a way to make myself slow down. I then made the mistake of bringing a check to the slot hole on a really low day, and they pull from my checking from there.
    Long story short, I took out too much, and my bills pulled first because of their auto…[Read more]

    • It’s nice to know you cut your cards but what I do with my cheque I pay my bills with it right away that way I don’t have no access to money

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    I have done this same exact thing, it never mattered if I’m up or down. The only thing that seems to help me is keeping myself from going is keeping busy with mindless tasks. I try to preplan my days ahead of time so I am consistently busy. It is when I’m lonely, or bored that I find myself going.
    Like an addiction, the cycle has to be bro…[Read more]

    • Thank you. I just don’t know what to do or where to turn, because even though I know it’s a bad decision to feed money to the machines, I do it anyway and when I walk out with 2 or 3 times less than what I started with a feeling of dread consumes me and it’s like I don’t even care. My car payment is 2 months behind and I’m barely keeping my rent…[Read more]

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    Maybe moving and starting fresh could be good for you? Always keep your options open. I hope you find your way. ❤️ It’s hard to stay away from things when they are so convienant.

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    Hope to say the same soon! Good for you! Keep it up you can do this

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    Hi there,
    I am going through the same exact process. It is a horrible feeling. Just remember you are BETTER than gambling. I always go to distract myself from my actual life. And recently I’ve noticed it doesn’t matter if I win, or lose. I think I just go to play! Because win or not, I play until I have nothing. It’s embarrasing. It’s embarra…[Read more]

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    Hi there!
    I am hoping to get through this withdrawal stage as well! It’s a crazy feeling something of material object you can get addicted too and withdrawal like that of cigarettes, and alcolohol.
    They say a habit is created after 30 days. I’m hoping I can just make it through 30 days, and finally be able to move on with my life. If you eve…[Read more]

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    Hi there. Is this something you have recently started doing?
    I started my spiral about six months ago. It seemed like such a little thing at first, and then I was blown away at what my accounts started to look like.
    From that point, it turned into trying to get my lost money back.
    The guilt is hi, and it has turned into lies. I hope you…[Read more]

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    Hello, tiredofmyself.
    I know what you are feeling to my core. Helpless, hopeless. Like a loser. Like life isn’t worth it. I too have lied, and have found that none of my actions to this point have gotten me anywhere. Money also burns a hole in my pocket, and my support system is becoming smaller. If you ever need someone to talk to I am here.

    • Well, my first day of trying to stay away didn’t go so well. 9 am I was in the VLTs and blew everything but $20 for groceries. Feel like switching provinces today, maybe that would help. I can avoid casinos and racetracks but not a VLT lounge on every corner. Ontario doesn’t have VLTs, maybe the west has won and it’s time to leave

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    Hello everyone,
    I am new to the site and am reaching out to any kind individuals with sound sound advice.
    I just bought a new home in July, I had issues with the people living with me, they moved. The basement flooded. Things started falling apart.
    After the chaos subsided, my savings was drained in comparison to what it was. My credit cards…[Read more]

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