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    This isn’t going to be easy. Please don’t underestimate the power of a drug called gambling. It is an addicting drug that we can quit. I quit gambling on Dec 3rd, 2018. I had quit for 2 months prior to that but that $50 hiccup sets my new date. I’m 4 days sober. Gambling effects us on a subconscious level and we can’t end that by thinking our way out of it or white-knuckling our way through life. This is where I have been coming to talk to fellow compulsive gamblers in recovery and I hope any newcomers join in the 2 chat rooms so that there’s usually a couple people when we go on. Having gambling urges? Come here instead! Tell me about it!

    • I have never done this before. Im scared.i feel like a failer stupid im worthless.im a gambler addict. I win. Then i dont know where to stop until i lose it all again. I have lost alot of money i pawn my and my famlies things to get that last lotto ticket.im scared what people will say about me shes stupid.i have some neg in my life. But also positive.i have depresion.i dont know what to do.

      • Hi Rizzo
        Food for thought
        Lady in my GA home group says compulsive gamblers aren’t stupid people trying to be
        smart or bad people trying to be good. We are sick people trying to get well.