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    The hardest time for me is when I’m lonely or stressed. And sometimes I’m lonely when I am with people. Honestly reading these posts help me. I don’t feel like I’m the only one out there. I feel like there are people out there who understand and don’t judge.

    • Hi there. I have the same problem. As soon as I get stressed I go to gambling even though I know it will usually end with more stress.

    • If I may suggest try finding a GA meeting.
      Pretty sure you will find welcomed and understood.
      And you will be given a phone list of folks from the
      meeting that you can call when you are lonely or
      struggling. And if you are interested I send out two
      daily recovery messages that I think help me to start
      my focused on recovery. If you would like to try them
      send me an email at ken.lambon@rogers.com And on
      Mondays and Thursday at 5pm est I chair a GA type
      meeting in the chat room here.
      Hope to meet you in chat.
      God Bless
      Ken L YBIR