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    Gambling is way to not deal with life or be responsible. The addiction sucks you in a numbs reality. If your reality is good it takes away from the joy. If your reality is poor it makes you believe that there is an escape. Some people can’t stop and I wanted to share some helpful techniques. Set a 10 minute timer on your phone make yourself stop each time the phone buzzes. Stop and reflect of everything you lose, the feeling you have when you don’t stop, all the things you could do for yourself or a loved one. If you have a set amount money you came to spend and you have spent it…leave…tell yourself I can come back next week with my $40 dollars, I can come back feeling good about myself, I can feel good about myself this whole week for walking out, I can feel strong…..tell yourself this every time you gamble. Keep doing this each time you go and don’t stop doing it ever!! Once you stop using the techniques you will return to spending everything you own. This may not work for everyone, but give it a try. I know I get a zone or like obsession with hitting that button. But when something stops me..the buzzer on the phone and I go through the self talk techniques it makes sense to me and I walk out. I have a great week…I pay my bills and have spending money. When I stop using the techniques I go back to losing everything. I hope this helps someone!! God bless and take care of yourself!