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    Well today is day 5 and I still have no urges to go gamble. I’m thrilled that I have help from people who understand my addiction and to me this is like I finally won that big jackpot that I’ve been chasing for thirty years but better! Thank you!

    • Wow Cpart, so inspiring and proud of you!! Celebrating day 5 with you!!! I was just thinking today, the true freedom here (for me) isn’t gonna come when I win all that money, but when I decide to detach from the idea that gambling is the hit i need to fill that time, feel that thrill and get those to dopamine boosts. When I chose to fill my downtime with something else, something that pulls me too but in an exciting, creative way, is where the freedom is. When i disidentify as someone who gambles or feels the need to. When i decide i want to fill my day with new things. I know its not that simple for everyone and was just a thought, but it felt good.

    • Congratulations Cpart! You are inspiring me big time! I know it’s a freeing feeling and I look forward to experiencing that. I’ve blown so much money, including running CCs up too. The wins were definitely highs but I realized today there are more lows than high times with gambling. I look forward to seeing more money in my accounts from saving instead of blowing it.
      Kudos to you! Stay strong!

    • Awesome Cpart ❤️ it’s been another day free for myself also.

    • Wow, five days I am back to day 2 for scratches. Way to go in your success. It’s got a feel good.