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    Hello. Last night I finally promised myself to seek help for a 30 year addiction to gambling I think I have hit rock bottom and I need and want help. I’m happy this is my first step because I know I can’t conquer this alone.

    • Sending you love and support. Im 39, been a problem gambler since 19. Im ready, finally, to change my behavior. Lets do this 1 day at a time. About to go onto day 5. This site has been amazing. Not that i enjoy hearing about other people struggling with the same illness, but its refreshing in a way to be around people who i feel understand me and who has been there before and was able to move on and live a healthier and happier life. Glad you are reaching out.

    • It really ‘does’ help coming here and finding people who really understand… and get suggestions for how to deal with it. You might also find a GA meeting in your area… or someone who will support you during this time. Also finding something you can do to take your mind to a different place…. maybe a hobby of some kind or whatever… I know I do acrylic painting as do some others here, but if that’s not an interest for you, perhaps something else… take care… ‘and one day at a time’ Lindy