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    I’ve decided not to admit my gambling addiction to my family until I have decided to seriously quit. Not just say it. The thing with me, when I decide to do something, I actually and whole heartedly do it. I’ll quit! I stall now(30 yr. stall.)because I’ve pretty much had most addictions, so when I give up this one, what’s left? I’m afraid of what the next one will be. Are there any left? I don’t know my life without addictions. Birth to age 14 it was a addiction free life. Funny isn’t it, non of us really look like what we thought a gambler looks like. I look in the mirror to see what a real compulsive gambler looks like. That woman staring back at me in the mirror, looks Kind of familiar.
    Thanks for listening.

    • Hi Mags, I think I understand about knowing when your ready and that you WILL do it when you are finally ready ( with help of resources , right?) As to the next addiction that may take over and fearing what that may be , I think we can get really passionate about recovery and healing resources so much that it covers all addictions and deals with how to heal and be sober. Something like that. THe odaat… no fear of future addictiosn that haven’t happened yet. Recovery odaat. Glad you are here.

      • Thanks Reiki
        Feel good to know there are fellow sufferers. Not happy others are suffering, but the fact that other people share this journey.Thanks for making me feel welcome, not judged and not alone.