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    Preparation is a huge key to quitting. Let’s look at two people trying to quit.

    Alfred’s hadit takes all his cash. He badly wants to quit. Every day he prays three times. “Father, take away this habit.”

    Aaron feels darkness and depression in his life. He wants to quit. Every day he:

    #1 Prays: “Father, help me to turn from triggers, and fill me with Your love, 10 times.

    #2 He has a scripture of the week (About gambling or gaming) that he reads twice a day.

    Romans 13:14 ESV But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.

    #3 He prays 2x: “Father, remind me about the destruction my habit costs me.

    #4 Daily Bible reading is his habit.

    #5 He spends 10 minutes daily praying about his purpose and God’s will.

    Quitting is often mathematical. Aaron is 7 times more prepared to quit. Alfred, despite his high motivation, is not prepared. Be prepared.