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    To quit “For sure,” you need to know everything. Here is a system you could use. Buy 100 3 by 5 cards and a box to put them in. Every day write down:

    #1 Date of the article.

    #2 What the article says “To do.”

    #3 Prayers from the article.

    #4 Your rating from 1-10 for how good the article is.

    If you can’t find a great article on that day, try checking todays date 1 year ago.

    Second, with this system, you are not a slave to how good today’s articles are. You can instantly check your file and remind yourself of things you thought were important to work on 2, 4, 7, or 15 days ago.

    Third, there are things we want to do, but we struggle to do. With this system, keep going back to that 3 by 5 card. Keep putting it in the front of the file until you overcome in that area.

    Fourth, I plan on doing this myself. Why? Because, I spend a block of time in prayer, research, and Bible reading. I have a million ideas. I do a lot of them. Some of them I forget to do. I tell everyone: “You can increase in joy if you do these things.” Then I forget to do some of them.

    Key point: Search until you “find” an article that will help you. Then make a card.

    Finally, this system will remind me to do the key things I want to do to increase in joy. That is what I want.