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    Know exactly where, when, and how temptation starts for you. With every article, it is usually a 10 (best) for your situation, a 1 (weak) for you, or average. When articles are great for you make notes, put them in a Google doc etc. It may be way wiser to read an article that addresses your root cause 12 times in 12 days, versus new fresh articles. It may be way wiser to try to learn the habits recommended in those articles versus habits recommended in articles that are not exactly for you.
    Develop a system with notes, or notebooks… The key point is, find a way to remind yourself every day, what habit you want to work on to fight temptation at the root cause for you.

    Finally, think about, pray about, and find articles that are about the root cause that starts your temptation. Then create habits to attack that root. Then attack.