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    *Core material and grade: Fe-based amorphous alloy,1k101
    *High saturation induction.for high satured current,small core volume
    *Multiple air gaps .for low noise and Excellent DC-bias characteristics.
    *Lower temperature rising for single gap.
    *Output smooth filter choke for switched mode power supply
    *PFC boost choke for solar inverters, EV charging pile,
    *AC inverter choke. For PV inverters, APF
    *Robotic systems
    *Frequency converters.

    Saturation Flux Density Bs1.56THardness Hv960 kg/mm2
    Curie Temperature Tc410℃Resistivity r130 μΩ.cm
    Crystallization Temperature Tx500℃Density7.18g/cm3
    Magnetostriction lS27×10-6Core loss Ps (@16KHz,37mT)2027+/-2optional or as per design
    Note:Specification complete, only part of common specification on this table.Special size can be inquired and custom-made.Amorphous C-Cut Core factory