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    Accept the shrimp tablet packing machine wholesale and selling,will give you the best price.
    Automatic Packing Machine Working Processes :
    Feeding–Conveying–Weighting–Forming ( Filling–Sealing ) –Finish Products Conveying
    Shrimp Tablet Packing Machine
    Shrimp Tablet Samll Packing Machine
    Shrimp Tablet Automatic Packing Machine
    Feature and Advantage
    1.The contact material parts all stainless steel, no contaminated material.
    2.Microcomputer control self-energy, so that more precise and accurate dispensing, fast, fully automated dispensing process.
    3.Double shock structure, the machine is running smoothly, low noise.
    4.Minimal power, energy conservation.
    5.Oblique throwing feeding, do not squeeze the material damage, especially for fragile materials packaging.
    6.Show Package weight and number of packages.
    7.Adjustable packing speed.
    Pouch type:4 sides sealing bag
    Size of bag 80-200mm L:100-380mm
    Filling scope:5-2000g
    Speed:25-60bags/min (The speed depends on the product status and filling weight)
    Package accuracy:Error≤±1
    Power:220V, 50/60HZ, 1.2KVA
    Machine Size:L)1100* W)755* H)1540mm
    Machine Packing:Wooden Box

    Suitable for packing puffed food,shrimp strip,peanut,cooked seeds,rice,seed,monosodium glutamate,
    popcorn and other grain,strip and flake shaped solid materia.
    What’s more, it would be suitable for packing different kinds of product with different metering
    Packing Machine for Shrimp Tablet
    Packaging Machine for Shrimp Tablet
    Packaging Machine for Snack
    If you are interested in any of ourshrimp tablet packing machineor would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.Small Automatic Packing Machine