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    Since May I have lost 80- 90% of every weekly paycheck gambling at the casino Sports bets with co-workers and house held gambling events. I am completely drained and don’t have steady housing loved ones in my family keep giving me chances in living under their roofs. I’ve always struggled with in house gambling and so far being 32 years old I’ve only managed to obtain 1 car that was beat up to began with I am very ashamed and don’t know where to begin in tackling this serious gambling compulsions.

    • Hi Michael
      Glad you are reaching out.
      Suggest you find a GA meeting in your area and counseling.
      And tomorrow night at 9 pm est there is a session moderated by a problem gambling outreach worker.
      You can ask questions of the counselor or other members there what they are doing to recovery from
      their addiction. And if you are interested I send out two daily recovery focused messages to start the day.
      If you want to try them send me an email at ken.lambon@rogers.com and I will add you to the list