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    Advantage analysis :
    Green and environmental protection: The composition is cured and formed into a film. The health hazard to the construction operators and the environmental pollution are almost zero. The components do not contain formaldehyde, benzene or TDI heavy metals. Save resources: With uv paint, the product cures quickly and saves a lot of manpower and space. The surface hardness of the coated product is improved and the color is bright; after drying, the surface of the printed article can achieve high hardness, high gloss, friction and solvent resistance. high productivity.

    Offset printing: Offset printing is widely used in the main stream printing process of high-grade prints due to its rich process and rich color. Offset printing has strict requirements on the deformation and deformation of printed matter and high-speed printing. UV offset printing must match the offset printing. The photo-solid temperature of the printed matter can not exceed 50 °C, so that the printed matter will not be deformed and deformed. The light-solid speed must reach 8000 sheets/hour. The intelligent automatic paper-receiver can meet the automatic high-speed printing requirements of offset printing. The conventional UV curing machine can be used. The UV lamp is a high-temperature low-intensity UV lamp. The photo-solid temperature of the printed matter reaches 70°C to 90°C, and the UV-curing speed is 4000-5000 sheets/hour. If the UV lamp power is increased to reach the light-solid speed, UV The light-solid temperature will increase exponentially, and it will not meet the strict process requirements of offset printing. The special offset low-temperature high-speed UV curing machine uses imported low-temperature high-intensity UV lamps, which are high-purity LEDs. High-purity luminescent gas filled with high-precision ratio, high-pressure mercury lamp produced by high-end technology, low operating current, low temperature, high strength, comparable specifications The UV lamp has a lower luminous temperature of 40% or more and a luminous intensity of more than 100%. The offset low-temperature high-speed UV curing machine is equipped with an intelligent high-speed automatic delivery machine. The UV light-solid temperature control of the printed matter is controlled at 45 ° C, and the UV light-solid speed reaches 9000. More than one hour / hour, in line with the low temperature and high speed process conditions of offset printing, widely used in large-scale printing industry such as cigarette label packaging printing, color printing packaging printing. Special printing: widely used in screen printing, lithography, letterpress printing, self-adhesive trademarks, metal nameplates, KT plates, glass, ceramics, electronic parts, single-sided circuit boards and other substrates printed crystal ice, frosted, crystal gemstones Special effects such as colorful bulging oil.Dryer price