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    1.Product Introduction
    Disposable arm protectors is a good design for your arms, which is the single-use product with very close protection, importantly, with very cheap price. It is environmental, no stimulation to the skin, not allergies. Although it is a small protector, however, it plays very important role in people’s daily life or in their working.
    2.Product Specification
    3.Range Of Application
    Except the regular familiar working situations by all people, it is even used in chemical laboratory, but the material are different from what we supply regularly, it could be made of very heavy weight PVC material or PE coated non woven fabric. It is specially made for researchers or workers.
    4.Product Advantage
    ●Disposable arm protectors is different from second use sleeve protector, it is with light weight and disposable which is convenient for users throwing away.
    ●Disposable arm protectors could protect any contaminants from outside, once the disposable arm protectors is with some contaminants on, you can throw it away quickly and change a new one.Disposable Protective Sleeves Free Sample