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    its a difficult task for me to say out loud that i suffer from gambling problem.
    Even I did not go over two months now to a Casino they are closed i have an urge to do so.
    how can I overcome those urges/

    • Ive admitted it for 10 years. But until I actually do something like immerse myself in as much recovery as I spend gambling..I still gamble. Thankfully got a therapist and attended an online zoom ga meeting last night. I have 1 gamble free day. Urges! Omg i was gambling daily for 6 months! I am urging all over the place!!

      • When I got urges I used to ask myself ‘Where does it actually hurt?’ Try and view your urges as proof of your body healing rather than a desire that can only be extinguished by giving in to it.

    • Liz, I too surely understand how you feel. All I can add even having 14-yrs from a BET, the only way to diminish cravings and urges is NOT Gambling. Triggers? You may need to examine the WHY triggers are setting you off. Is it from stress, being bored, or lonely? From an argument or something else? Triggers are a bit different from just urges and cravings. The more time and abstinence you get, the less these cravings and urges start to subside. Do some journaling or call your sponsor when cravings hit. Most times it helps and they will pass.