• dyl508 posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 8 months ago

    I’ve been gambling on sports off and on for about 8 years I started up again and I’m losing a lot I go to work and feel like I’m working for free it is takIng a toll on me.

    • tomv replied 8 months ago

      I am in the same situation. But I am hopeful because today I drove by two stores that have slot machines and I kept on driving. I may need to go into credit counseling but it is not set in stone yet. I can still make my bills it may take 4 months of living very frugal and not paying cable bill on time. Might just make small payments on that for a while.

      • Good job tomv small steps. It’s hard in the beginning. I’m still in the beginning. I really feel like coming here helps so much. I’m really not comfortable going to GA meetings. And we literally have 3 in during the week in our area in 2 are way out of my way. And the 3rd is extremely inconvenient. So this is so helpful. I can pop on here whenever I want. Even when I am with my daughter with is all the time she isn’t at school. So it is awesome. The best tool ever.

        • Ya I just get the urge sometimes and think I can win my money back and I think of all the money I have lost it just makes me more depressed

    • Hey, I’ve been a recovered gambler(hude slots addict) for few months now… I know how you feel, working for free, going to work without any will, having financial problems and know that those bucks from work wont cover them…But i did every step at the time….I opened savings account where i can deposit everytime i like, and whenever i get a tease i just deposit all my money in there(leaving enough for food and gas). The account locks funds for 1 week then i can take it….But you see, by then to trigger of gambling already cools down. And week by week i manage to swirl along this path of cursed life :). Keep your hope up 😉