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    I have no will power and no one I can talk about it with. I have to stay away from these online casino games. It’s put me in the poor house! I need help

    • Hi Theresa
      If I may suggest find some counseling and a Gamblers Anonymous meeting where you will find people who understand you and that
      you can talk to and share your thoughts and feelings.
      And there is a free app that you can put on your phone and computer that won’t let you visit gambling sites.
      Wishing you well
      Ken L YBIR

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    • Hi Teresa
      You are not alone In your quest to stop gambling. If as Ken mentioned bet blocker doesn’t work. I couldn’t get it to work on my phone others here have mentioned this also. I’m not sure why if possibly I was doing something wrong. Gamban for approximately $50 a year or a few dollars a month works really well. You may need to read up on…[Read more]

    • Hello Theresa, you do have the will power, its the addiction telling you otherwise. Coming from someone who is a problem gambler with sports betting online, dont use betblocker! It completely stopped my phone from being able to connect to the internet. I know Gamban costs a bit of money buy it works. The gambler in me was telling myself that i…[Read more]