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    I’m a compulsive gambler. My life, including my finances, become unmanageable when I gamble. Taking one day at a time to not start the cycle of insanity all over again by placing that first bet today. Just for today: I choose not to gamble.

    • Did you ever do questionable things for money to gamble. Not stealing but other things?

      • Yes I did. And some of those things are part of the wreckage of my past that I’m still albeit slowly working on cleaning up. I’ve had to come out of retirement to work to pay off multiple finance company loans, payday loans, and repay a government overpayment. But I’m grateful that just for today I didn’t give in to the urge to gamble earlier, my rent is paid, and I have food to eat. When I thought about all the times I went to use those reward play coupons, and how if I did win, I’d just play it back plus scheme to get money to play it, that was a reality check reminding me of the cause of my current wreckage. That stopped the strong urge, and helped me to admit to myself that I’m a compulsive gambler who cannot gamble like “normal people” nor can I just walk away once I get started until all the money is gone. Just for today, I will not place any kind of bet.