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    I am ashamed and confused. I have been gambling on the internet this time for a little over a year hiding it from my wife when she knew what I was doing all along. This may very well may end my marriage. I am confused at this point as to whether I have the motivation to quit. I haven’t been to a meeting in about three years. I have been…[Read more]

    • I am very sad to hear your story. I have never tried gambling on the internet as I was afraid of how easy it could be. My curse is the casino and the freaking slots. Look for some apps that can block those sites on your computer. It is not easy to quit, even more difficult than I imagined. I hope your marriage survives, If my wife new I was…[Read more]

    • kenl replied 4 weeks ago

      Thanks for sharing Dawgman
      Glad you are going back to your meetings.
      As Yolobud suggests find a blocker and also ask your wife to take over your finances.
      And be transparent and accountable with her.
      Hope to catch up with you in chat. I am there most weekdays off and on between 10 am and 3 pm est
      Ken L YBIR

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