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    Sem that happens all the time. And it gets deeper and deeper. We can’t control our self’s. I have a hard time leaving the Casino. It’s so frustrating. Today was a day that I thought a lot. It’s tough. I have my ups and down. I just wish I can put this behind me and move on. Sometimes I tear up when I have thoughts in my mind.

    • Big heart it’s not going to be easy to put this behind yourself. It’s good that you are doing some deep thinking. I do also still quite often. Not when I’m busy though.

      I’m lucky right now I have my daughter and granddaughter keeping me company. I’d probably go out of my mind if I didn’t due too loneliness
      Part of my staying stopped is the dreadful feeling of guilt gambling makes me feel. And I look at my daughter and granddaughter and think they deserve to have myself as someone they can rely on.

      I want to be standup more for my family. They matter more than any win on a slot machine I could have.
      It was fun gambling but for me it’s too expensive fun. And that kind of fun comes at an extremely high price.