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    Has anyone self-excluded themselves from the casino? I want to but it feels like cutting off my oxygen. Self-discipline clearly hasn’t worked and I need to impose some external limitations so I just can’t go gamble. I want to quit but can’t and I hate this feeling. Are there any medications to stop the urge?

    • Hi Cherie
      I would look at self-exclusion for myself as removing something cancerous from my body.
      Compulsive gambling is an illness that can’t be cured but can be arrested and self- exclusion is a good start.
      I would also suggest you find some counselling and see if there are any GA meetings in your area.
      If you have any questions please feel free to email me at ken.lambon@rogers.com

    • Well.I was the queen of self exclusion,6 months then gambled,one week later banned again this time for a year.after that year i allowed myself a few days to gamble,but from 2012-jan of 2019 i continued to ban every six months.
      Now did it help yes and no.
      I would simply go online.But for sure there was a huge relief.Even a kinda omg its finally over thinking,and a bit of what did i do,dam.anger.But after a few days i knew it was always a good decision.
      For me self exclusion did for me what i wasnt able to do for myself.
      I do not ban anymore havent since 2019 thanks to covid was no need,but you know what although ive been about 3 times since they reopened,i for sure can stay away on my own.Dont miss that place .infact the thought of going just irratates me.
      Anyway i do recommend self exclusion.