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    Hello my name is chris I have a gambling addiction or I wouldn’t be here I’m from Pennsylvania and we have 4 diff casinos I go to 2 in NY 2 IN PA that’s not my problem my problem is almost every convenience store i go to in my town has those damn Pennsylvania skill machines i cant go in any store without playing them and usually losing my ass i know they arent designed to let you win but its just as bad as the casino i had 160.00 today and I’ve got $4 left I bought a few things and took a friend out for lunch and now I’m broke for 2 weeks please help me and info would be great

    • Welcome! Gamtalk can be a great part of recovery; a good resource to connect with others who understand. Click on the chat button and see if anyone is around. Monday eve. chat is gaurenteed that at least a moderator will be there. Do try calling the P A problem gamblers helpline.. google the number.. they will get you going on the right path and also listen to your story. stay strong. tara